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Regardless a company's size, a website is its least expensive, most important marketing tool.
But some sites work and others lay dormant, rarely visited.  
Why?  Quite simply: if your site is hard to find, nobody can benefit from what you have to offer.
CC Design Studio understands what it takes to get your website noticed. Our cutting edge Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies will have your company among the top "Google" results quickly.
Our flat fee website design pricing includes 6 months of Search Engine Optimization services to achieve the top results you are looking for -- fine-tuning your hidden search engine keywords, for example, or adding tags to pictures, regularly adding new site content, link building and other effective ways.


Sophisticated design services
We pride ourselves on taking the time to get to know you and your objectives before plunging ahead.

A clear goal for the site is needed for our designers to create a compelling site targeting a specific audiences.

For example, simplicity is essential for a site aimed at the lucrative market of 40+ year-olds. Studies have shown that if a site takes too long to load or requires even a modicum of computer skills, many potential customers or clients are discouraged and just move along to the next one. You've lost them.
Younger customers, however, are drawn to sites on the forefront of innovation, style and content.  If your website looks 5 years've lost them.
Our portfolio has examples of sites we've built that successfully reach all kinds of Internet travelers.  Our design and SEO work has been commissioned by restaurants, guest houses, real estate firms, insurance companies, a tourism information site -- even a major high tech equipment corporation.
Great price, great value
When looking for an affordable website design company, you will find many bragging about amazing deals. 
On the surface, these “affordable” design companies have beautiful websites and gorgeous portfolios.  And they pull you in with unbelievable rates. 
But many of these firms actually offer cookie cutter service: simply copying and pasting your information into well-used templates.  They cut your cookie and - Voila! - your website becomes indistinguishable from thousands already on the web. 
CC Design Studio builds all sites from the ground up to deliver a truly unique and targeted website.  And, unlike competitors, we offer all our services for one low flat fee, including domain name registration, 1 year free web hosting, and, as mentioned, 6 months of Search Engine Optimization services to achieve the top results you are looking for.
At CC Design Studio, we pride ourselves on being straight up and honest with our customers. We encourage you to speak with us personally for an accurate quote.  We are extremely affordable and we can save you money without sacrificing quality. 
Give us a shot at your business. We understand this medium and we think we are great at it.
We also know you'll be the judge of that and we welcome the challenge.

Contact us today.


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